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COMPASSION AND GRACE Interpreting destiny events and moving in the timing of the Spirit (
kairos time) is all about bringing something to the table in our generation that God has placed within us that no other generation can accomplish.
God wants us to realize that He has forged a covenant with our generation that will change the world for the better!
We have just the right ingredients in our destiny codes to do just that.
Two major ingredients to watching miracles unfold in terms of kairos moments and destiny events are COMPASSION and GRACE!
Saul was born to be a KING!
He chose to pursue the path to finding his father’s donkeys,
which he never did find.
He did indeed have compassion and grace for his father.
when it came to pursuing the path to being the KING,
he ultimately REFUSED to take that path.
Oh yes,
he became KING,
yet he became KING while avoiding to be KING.
In other words he had no compassion or grace either for himself and his real destiny or for the people he was called to contribute to (
the nation of Israel).
When you use your free will from a place of compassion and grace,
by allowing God to will His will through you,
you will gladly flow in what you are capable of flowing in and gladly flow in what God wills for you to flow in!

As you consider being absorbed into KAIROS MOMENTS and interpreting your unique DESTINY EVENTS,
I want you to realize,
as the young King Saul needed to realize,
that entering the realm of dominion (
or entering a NEW DOMAIN) often involves interpreting the metaphors in your life.
A metaphor is a figure of speech in which one thing is described as if it were another,
as in "Life is just a bowl of cherries.
Saul's first experience in his new domain was to encounter two men at Rachel's Tomb in the territory of Zelzah where they tell him what he already knows:
The donkeys (
his father's flow) have gone back to where they belong (
the father of Saul) and Saul's father is now worried about where Saul is.
What is the hidden meaning of these two men at Rachel's Tomb in Zelzah? It is a METAPHOR? It describes Saul's situation with texture,
color and feeling (
about loss and recovery,
and finding something "new" that he didn't know he was looking for).
And the metaphor is a "path in" to understand his own destiny more deeply,
and a "path out" to see a new way of being apart from his father's "flow!
There is a new world waiting for your entry.
a new domain and a new way of being are part of your destiny.
Discover the domain that is your "path in" and your "path out.

Let's review the three keys to operating in our kairos moment:

Change the way you view the world -
it is open,
dynamic and alive,
it isn't fixed and mechanical -
you can influence events and circumstances in the invisible and the visible.
Everything is connected in the invisible world -
RELATIONSHIP is the organizing principle of the universe under God's hand!
Everything is related!
Change the way you view commitment -
it is all about listening,
yielding and obeying the inner voice of the Spirit who leads us and guides us into all truth.
Whatever He says to you:
It is time for us to buy back our kairos moment!
Let's DO IT NOW!
16 “Buy back your kairos moments…” (
redeem the time) When Adam fell,
he became a slave to natural time.
Adam stepped into the limiting and boundary producing effects of “kronos” (
chronological time).
Kronos is “time you have to catch up to” Kairos is “a gentle flow” that enables you to be fully present to everything happening in the moment God is in every MOMENT of your life a.
When you are a slave to kronos,
you miss many of those moments b.
When you learn how to access kairos,
you never miss a moment c.
When you are in kairos time,
you are in God's time Start looking for your kairos moment to take place NOW!
When you are in kairos time,
you do things that make up for “lost time,
” and restoration and recovery occur!
QUANTUM FIELDS There is no such thing by the way as "empty space.
" Quantum science has confirmed that in the stuff we call empty space,
there are actually "fields" (
they call them quantum fields).
What is a "field?" An invisible region of influence A non-material region of influence A place where invisible forces structure space and behavior For us as the people of God.
the "living field" is the "field of faith" where we access realms of the Spirit.
What is in the field is known only by discernment… Are the messages congruent? Are the messages discordant? What are the unspoken signals people are receiving? The wind blows where it wills,
you hear the sound of it,
but you do not know where it has come from or where it is going…so is everyone who is born of the Spirit – Jesus.
The INFLUENCE of the SPIRIT can be seen,
not the SPIRIT HIMSELF The INFLUENCE of the SPIRIT can be seen by your behavior The INFLUENCE is seen by looking at other people's behavior People pick up messages that are in our "field" People discern what is truly valued,
and others that come into our context shape their behavior accordingly What energizes the field is the WORD we speak and the faith we exercise.
Let's move on and create more "sacred place" from the "space" we are now going to be called to shape and influence!
DESTINY POWERS AND YOUR POWER POINTS How to Wake Up the King Inside You Read Mark 4:
35-41 In order to “go over to the other side,
” you need to:
Leverage crisis and change for its highest potential.
Leveraging change and crisis is critical and essential to:
Clarity of Vision and Purpose Commitment to accomplishing your vision and achieving your purpose Persevering until you achieve the extraordinary Only YOU can:
Set the tone for WHERE you focus your ATTENTION Set the tone for HOW you react to a CRISIS Set the tone for BEING an EXAMPLE to others CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP There are things you are involved with on a daily basis as a leader that become part of your routine.
these become so unconscious that you rarely bother to reevaluate them.
It is imperative that as a leader you live a fully conscious life.
There are people we often gather around us that,
because of our own blind spots,
cause things to slow down and cause progress to halt.
We believe we are being “ministerial” and “Christian” by allowing them to remain alongside us when,
in actual fact,
we do great damage to ourselves and our ministries as a result of the relationship.
You are constantly involved in facilitating group processes,
team development,
and organizational planning,
as well as leadership training.
Just like your own body – which is a “system” made up of many other systems (
) – the “body” you oversee is a complex system.
Human systems theories contend that adult development occurs when complex human systems experience “system change.
” There is no more beneficial time for “system change” than the beginning of the New Year.
System change triggers personal change.
As does the Holy Spirit within you as a leader,
change moves and impels people to:
adapt to new conditions 2.
adapt to new meanings for their lives Adult development occurs when two or more systems trigger disorientation and disequilibrium in their lives (
or what we call “chaos”).
In the adult that is growing,
the two or more systems come from these systems:
biological 2.
psychological 3.
interpersonal 4.
familial 5.
political 6.
economic 7.
nature itself,
In human systems,
such as the local church you oversee,
if you are going to see “new things,
” and understand that God intends to do “new things” and make you aware of them ahead of time so you can facilitate those changes (
Isaiah 42),
then at some level you are required as a leader to trigger those changes by making changes to the system.
What will that accomplish? It will evoke new personal and social strategies for managing and balancing life.
When God says a “new thing” is on the way,
it implies that TIMING OF EVENTS will lead either to growth and development or regression and dysfunction.
Knowing how to be in the right place at the right time is crucial to effective leadership and followership.
I have been saying lately that we don’t need to “miss our moments” we need to “make our moments.
” We are co-creators of the events with God.
Many of the events seem to be “outside of our control,
” and yet,
because we tend to do things unconsciously,
we fail to realize that we have at some level created the events by our beliefs,
and language.
Our faith is always creating something – we need to create consciously and lead consciously.
The world in which you and I act is the world as we perceive it.
It is the same for your people.
If your people are to change,
it is essential that the first thing that changes is the way they view their world (
the way they view themselves,
and the way they view their situations.
You can facilitate that both by modeling and by reeducation as a leader … · Change the way you view your world,
and the world you view changes · Change the way you view yourself,
and the self you view changes · Change the way you view your situation,
and the situation you view changes Effective reeducation can only happen in a GROUP – the BODY is needed for reeducation to occur.
If Jesus came for those who are “ill” as He Himself said,
and the process of wholeness and the journey towards wholeness requires knowing that only the “sick” need a physician,
then we need to constantly be open to our systems being disoriented so that they can be reoriented and find straight paths for our feet.
He always is shaking that which can be shaken in order to remove those things that are able to be shaken so that we can live in the unshakable and eternal Kingdom.
That is where we are going – and that requires re-education.
Since I referred to being “sick,
” then it is important to constantly remember that no one (
neither you nor those you lead) has fully arrived yet.
The line between “education” and “therapy” (
Jesus “healed” people – therapeuo in the Greek – and He “taught” them as well – didasko) needs to collapse.
You are privileged to lead people into the future.
You are intended to create a pathway for them to arrive there.
lead consciously.
Create system change based on where God is taking you and them.
Collapse the boundaries between education and healing (
Adults learn and keep learning new ways of thinking and being in THREE WAYS:
Cognitive change (
the renewal of the mind) – perception,
beliefs 2.
Values modification – beliefs,
affirmation (
intimacy with the Father requires walking by faith – faith is something that touches all these areas) 3.
Motivation (
what they “do”) – behavioral skills,
interpersonal skills (
they have been called into ONE BODY,
and being thankful for being part of the system and all that is being changed is what maintains the “peace of Christ” – Colossians 3:
15 … We often claim the “peace of Christ” from this passage for individual confirmation of a decision,
but that is not what the apostle Paul is talking about.
He is talking about peace being disturbed when we fail to deal with our behavioral skills and our interpersonal skills as the Body grows and develops.
) Individuals will accept new values and beliefs by accepting belongingness to a group.
Become conscious of these things.
Lead consciously.
Upset the status quo when it is necessary.
God will do something new – yet the way He does it is indeed to disturb the equilibrium of the entire system.
It forces people to grow and change.
What needs to change in you? What needs to change around you? Who have you allowed to remain who has refused to change and grow? LEAD CONSCIOUSLY!
Mark J. Chironna, PhD